Making Contact

You can contact me by telephone, text or email.  If I am not able to respond immediately, I will reply that same day, or the following day at the latest.

Working Together

Building on our telephone conversation, we will arrange to meet.  This meeting gives us the opportunity to explore your concerns and what you would like to achieve.  I will explain briefly how I work.  If at the end of this meeting we both feel comfortable working with each other we can then agree our working commitment.

Counselling Agreement

This agreement will make clear whether our arrangement is fixed term or open ended and what we can expect from each other.  We will review the work after 6 to 8 sessions and regularly thereafter.

Ending Counselling

Ongoing reviews are designed to ensure that the counselling sessions continue only whilst they add value to your thoughts, feelings and choices, allowing us to work towards ending therapy in a positive way.

For more info visit: www.itsgoodtotalk/what-is-therapy.